Saturday, January 5, 2013

(Very late) Last Day Lists

One of my favorite bloggers Michelle over at You're my favorite today always has some sweet list posts. I always enjoy reading her lists and figured I would link up today. I would much rather do that than take down the tree, clean the house and work!

5 2 best movies of 2012
Ok here is where I get pretty embarrassed... I actually haven't seen that many movies this year! I was just telling my sister in law that my Troy boy and I only actually saw 2 movies in the theater this year and that was in the past month. Work sucks the fun out of my life, plus I cannot watch a movie after a certain time of day or I fall asleep. Anyways, of the movies that I have seen (theater and DVD) these have been my favorites- don't judge.
Les Miserable
Ahhhhhmazing. I was crying, singing and sitting breathlessly on the edge of my seat the entire time! I like to forget that Russel Crowe was a part of this flick, because I was not impressed.

This is 40
We laughed so hard during this, and then we also were a bit freaked out. Being DINC's this may have pushed our kid discussion back a month or two.

5 best songs groups of 2012

I don't fall in love with songs, I fall in love with groups and albums. Sure there are a few songs here and there that I call 1 hit wonders, meaning I truly only like one of their songs, but usually those don't get the honor of being on my repeat list. I thought it was more appropriate to list my favorite groups/ artists of 2012. Oh and not all of these were officially released in 2012, but I discovered them in 2012, so I am counting them!
The Lumineers
Florence and The Machine, Ceremonials
Foster the People, Torches
Luke Bryan, Tailgates and Tanlines
Phillip Phillips, World From the Side of the Moon

5 most fascinating people of 2012
Kim Kardashian
Since when did getting married, filing for divorce and getting impregnated by someone else, while still married, in less than a year become cool? It perplexes me so much that I write run-on sentences and don't care.

Jessica Simpson
I actually like Jessica Simpson. She has always struck me as a 'real' person with fancy things, of course. People were all up on her buns when she got pregnant and *gah* gained weight! They were all up on her buns again when she *shocker* didn't drop the weight within 3 weeks. I was proud of every article I read and interview I saw in which she said she wanted to lose the weight healthfully because she needed to be a role model for her daughter. Sure her daughter didn't know which end was up regarding weight loss, but Jess (cause we are buddies, ya know?) became a role model not only for her daughter but for women, as well. 

Kristina Braverman
I know she is not a real person, but Monica Potter does such a fantastic role at portraying the challenges of having a child with Autism and now a woman with breast cancer. Sheesh... every week she makes me laugh and cry and hold my breath. She may be fictional, but I know she is representative of the integrity of women and THAT is fascinating!

5 memories you will remember from 2012
*Our Besties the Bernie's getting married!
*My summer being a nanny for my little love Parker! We had so much fun together. It made me realize that I have some good maternal instincts and that naps are a nanny's best friend!
*Pushing myself to do things I never thought I would/could- participating in a rock climbing clinic, getting into power yoga and loving it, running without dying
*Completing a 5K and half marathon without really dying
*Our White Mountain trip

5 things you want to do in 2013
*Make a baby
*Focus on blogging more- it helps me de-stress
*Become a more healthful person, which will be good for the baby I plan to make
*Take more trips... already have 2 planned- Disneyland (fun) and Atlanta (some work)
*Be a better wife, friend and family member

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  1. Whoo-Hoo!! My numero UNO player this month! If I had a prize to give away, you'd totally win it. But I don't. Wah-Wah.
    Now, onto your lists...
    Love your inclusion of Kristina Braverman!! My lord she is phenomenal. I am a wreck every week this season. Give that lady an Emmy...STAT.
    And totally agree with Kim K. I cannot stand her, but fascinating? You bet.
    I'm gonna check out a few of your music groups, thanks!
    Love it that you played!!! Gonna pour a glass of wine and toast to YOU! :)



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