Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello World

Well this past weekend was another super busy one, which, of course....I loved!!! We had our 3rd Annual Friendstivus, which was a major success, aside from the fact that a lot of people ended up not making it out (boo)! I get that life pops up but have the decency to call, or even text! Geesh... what happened to manners? It could very well be my life karma for being the worst RSVP'er in the land, so I better stop ranting now!
Friendstivus is our way of getting together with our nearest and dearest during a busy holiday time! We usually laugh too much, eat too much and drink too much, aaaaaand.... this year was no exception! Our theme was Pajama-rama! Let me explain something...I have yet to meet someone as passionate about theme parties as I am. Usually whomever I suggest a theme party to, ends up looking at me, thinking 'is this for real or is she joking?' It is for real! I just absolutely LOVE theme parties! Needless to say, I was soooooo happy when Katie loved my idea!! She very well may be my party-planning soul mate. Everyone pretty much had a blast... I mean come over in your cozy PJ's, eat yummy breakfast and wash it down with bloody marys or spiked hot cocoa? Yes, please!!!
Here are some pictures to prove it!
Katie and I getting ready for the party!
The handsome hubs and I
Wonder if we made enough waffles?
Begin Kinect craziness now!
Katie and I dominating the boys
Troy laughing at hoe competitive this game is making me
Our handsome eligible bachelors!
My big brother
The remaining bunch of crazies decided it would be a great idea to enjoy a tiny fire pit outside in 20 degree weather!

Olive is a trooper!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Today after surviving a 5 hour meeting (bleh) I began preparations for our 3rd Annual Frienstivus!
Friendstivus is the Bogle's (us) and Bernie's (bestie's) way of celebrating the season with our friends. We host our friends for an evening of delicious food and debaucherous fun!
This years theme is pajama party. We are serving breakfast for dinner to fit the bill! We are also having a mimosa bar, spiked hot chocolate bar and a bloody mary bar- can't forget the booze! Oh, and there is also 'milk and cookies'- minus the milk. We think after drinking hooch, milk might be a little icky. There are lots of other goodies in store, too! I am making egg burritos, hasbrown casserole, nutella cookies, pumpkin spice cookies and some fudge! YUM! I could seriously whoof down a burrito right now, I am so starved. Hopefully the hubs will be ready to start date night soon... I've already started with a glass of Cupcake Red Velvet (fave).
Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's been soooo long!

I have been a horrible blogger BUT am really wishing and hoping to get better about it! I absolutely adore reading others blogs so I have no problem keeping up with that. When I sit down to open up blogger I always intend to write, but feel stumped. I enjoy reading the blogs that I do for so many varied reasons, but mostly because you all are fab writers! Whether you are writing about products you love, the life you are living or nothing at all... I love it! And then I get writer's block... I just don't feel as creative as you all. I start over thinking it and then it just sucks all the life out of blogging.
I need to get over myself. That is pretty much all there is to it. I need to sit down and blog. I have got to just let it be an expression of myself and not worry so much about if I am up to par with the creative juices you all express! Because I am not up to par and that is A-OK! It's me!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Last week I had every intention of finishing playing 'catch-up' wiht my life, but I felt like major doo-doo! I felt dizzy and naseous all week. Now that I am married everyone assumes its because you are pregnant... which I am NOT! Yesterday was the first day I felt 100% better and what did I spend the day doing? Laundry and Turbo clean 2011! Between Maui, Vegas, new job responsibilities and feeling icky... le house was in pretty bad shape! Now it is all shiny and sparkly!
Today I felt so much better I even dusted off my 'ole workout kicks and did Zumba and then went to the gym and worked on my fitness on the elliptical. It was only 30 minutes of elliptical, but still... I'm impressed! To treat myself I took in a little of this...

Followed up with a little bit of browsing here! No buying!! (impressive if you know me!)

Aaand... finished up here! My favorite! Even better, I only left with what I actually needed, which is something to be proud of!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week of the Wedding events...

The week of the wedding was crazy busy AND went by soooo super fast! I had 'moved' back to my parents about 10 days before the actual wedding. It was Spring Break at school and it was nice to not have to worry about keeping it all together in the classroom, while at the same time tying up loose wedding ends!

To say I actually relaxed makes me laugh! I wish that I had more time to actually spend with family but everyone was running around between getting last minute things, entertaining out of town family etc.

We got married Friday, March 25th and had our reception the Thursday before. Troy's parents hosted our Rehearsal dinner at a yummy Western themed restaurant in town! It was delicious food and a treat for our out of town guests! We actually do not have many pictures from the Rehearsal dinner, as it literally flew by!

Here are a few for your viewing pleasure!

Troy and I gazing longfully at each other across the yummy cake!!!

Sarah (bridesmaid), Patrick (best man) and Allison (flower baby) AKA the Phoenix Bogles!

And just because I love the cake I had designed for Troy! Each side had a different aspect of Troy's personality/ hobbies and of course the A is for the UofA (who happened to be playing that night AND won!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bachelorette Party Galore!

This will mostly be pictures which will not do my bachelorette party weekend much justice! Yes we look like we are having so much fun, but we really were having a blast! We even decided that we need to schedule a yearly getaway for just us girls, rather than waiting for bachelorette's or big birthdays!

My sweet sister in law Sarah planned and executed this whole fanciful weekend with the help of Jess! We drove up to Phoenix and arrived at our suite at the Phoenician. By the way this suite was bigger than any apartment I had ever lived in and more luxurious than my house! Well that's not exactly true, but I am trying to help you see how fantastic this suite was! Sarah and my new cousin Dana had gotten there earlier (they live in Phx) and had set up some delicious snacks and decorated the whole place too!

Isn't that adorable?? After we seriously noshed we headed to the explore the hotel... basically we ended up at the lobby lounge (oops)

We ordered some champagne, helped Sarah heal after a snapping incident and made me do a disgustingly huge (no pun intended) blow job shot- YUCK!

We had the most delicious dinner in an underground wine cellar! After that we bar hopped, ended up hanging out with the village people (or so they thought they were), did a little pole dancing and racing around Phoenix in a huge pink golf cart!

I wish I knew what Katie saw on the dance floor to have made her make this face!

I seriously LOVE this picture... Dana is telling me to step aside so she can show me how it's done!

It's been forever...

I am awarding myself the worst blogger award this year! I have just really had so many new things happening in life that I have lost touch with the blogging bit! I still LOVE reading everyone's blogs, however composing my own has been too much for this gal... until now!

I am going to try to catch you up on life! Well as I said a lot has happened... you know, becoming a wife, going on honeymoons and getting a new job! Can you all forgive me now? I've decided to start with the wife thing, since that is the most fun AND I have a lot of fabulous pictures to go with it

Let's talk Bridal Shower...

It was a suprise! My mom and aunt worked very hard with the help of my bridesmaids to make it a fabulous event!
Here are some pictures...

My lovely bridesmaids!
Sarah- my friend who just so happens to be my sister in law
Jess- my newest friend
Krissy- my lovely grade school... never have to explain anything- she just gets it!
Shelley- my friend since college... we have so many life experiences together!
Katy- my lovely cousin

The lovely ladies and I!
My aunt had been collecting everything bridal ever since Troy and I became engaged... at this time I was only wearing half of it. Let's just say she was super excited and spent a lot of time in the bridal aisles!!!

My auntie, my mom and my grandma! The sneaky ladies behind the whole thing!

There were games and LOTS of fun! This was my favorite! My friend Tina had to win with her Vegas Bride look! Total side note... her and her husband found out they were pregnant the day of the shower! They are due in September and I can't wait to meet their little bambino!!!

There were also LOTS of presents, which apparently I suck at opening! It took me forever to get through them all! Shelley and Krissy actually started preopening them for me. They would take the card off and tell me who it was from. Apparently you arent supposed to read the card before you open the present at these events because it takes too long! Who knew?

My aunt even got Troy a little something, something the next day at family dinner! Yep that is a pig thing that really oinks! This next picture is my favorite because it is my older brother Jon taking a drink and he looks a bit disgusted by the whole thing!

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