Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Faves

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day! Duh... isn't it everyone's?

Here are some of the things I am love, love, loving this Friday!!

* Power Yoga @ Session Yoga
This yoga kicks your butt and helps you work towards clarity of mind. This is vinyasa style yoga done in a warmed room. You are sweating and physically flowing while breathing and setting your intention for your practice, your day, your life. Love. I wish I could go everyday, but I can't (geesh... work!) so I'd like to bottle the feelings from each session. I'm working on it.

* Trader Joe's
I love this joint. It's homey and cramped and everyone is friendly and eclectically cool. I feel cool there, too. I've also found 2 new loves at TJ's this week, which is why I'm loving them!

Healthy 8 Veggies
I realize this makes me look lazy, like 'cut your own darn veggies!' I'm not lazy, all the time. Troy boy really only likes lettuce, broccoli and green beans and he really prefers the green gray beans from the can (barf). Needless to say, if I buy a ton of veggies that are not lettuce, broccoli or green beans they go to waste. It breaks my heart to throw food away even when it's bad, so for 2 years I've been eating just lettuce salads. Not anymore! Healthy 8 veggies make my salads jazzy again!

Coconut Body Butter

So softening, so yummy smelling, so cheap! A little goes a looooong way and leaves your skin silky smooth. Added bonus, if you close your eyes you can imagine you are in Hawaii with coconut oil all over your super svelte self!

* New Years with the Bernie's 
We are celebrating the new year again Saturday night! Yummy menu, good friends, champagne! This is a no-brainier, friends!

* Sibling dinners
Since the littlest has moved back home he has been a bi-weekly guest at the dinner table. I like cooking for him, but mostly I love listening to Troy boy and Oshie become better friends. One thing I don't care for so much is the boys taking over the TV. The nerve!

* My cozy white blankie
My in-laws let me steal have this blankie. It has been a staple this week! The nights have been super cold here in AZ and I have been super cozy snuggled under this blankie. 

* Disneyland
We are leaving for Disney in 11 days and I am so pumped! This will be our 2nd family vacation with Troy's side of the family. We are celebrating our niece Allison's 3rd birthday! It will be a memorable trip for all of us. I can't even remember the last time I was at Disneyland....

That is all I'm loving this Friday, well at least that is all I can remember loving this Friday! 

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