Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I stole this idea from a blog that I absolutely enjoy reading!
I think its a fantastic idea to remember the little things that we are blessed to have!
So here is my list for today!

*I am thankful to have Troy. He really does try each day to make my life easier! He also is very patient with me when I get worked up or stressed out. He just gets me and that is so nice!

*I am thankful for every single person who is involved in trying to make our wedding a dream come true. My parents, Troys parents, Jessica, Troy and all of my friends who ask me how planning is going, offer advice or ideas, bring me things that they think I might like or be interested in! I am so excited to be getting married to Troy and I am excited to see all these plans coming together, too. It is nice to have so many people who are excited for us!

*I am thankful to be a new part of Troy's family. Cindy and Warner are beyond supportive and loving! I am also happy to finally have a sister to call my own... and one that I enjoy at that! Troy's family is so similar to my own, it just feels right to be apart of them!

*I am thankful to have fabulous lady friends that I work with.

*I am thankful to have found pilates and bicycling... 2 activities that I enjoy doing. They make me strong and I never feel bored with doing them!

*I am thankful to have coffee, sugar free vanilla soy lattes and coke zero... I love caffeine!!!

*I am thankful for date nights. I think a lot of people assume that because Troy and I live together and because we are always with each other, that we get a lot of alone time together. But we actually don't! By time we get done with work and working out, we have a few hours to eat and watch tv, check email etc. Its hard to spend quality time with someone when you are exhausted from the day! This is why date nights are my fave! I think we are doing Mt Lemmon picnic night tomorrow!!! woo hoo!

*I am thankful for cute outfits and accessories... just love them!

*I am thankful for having lost almost 25 pounds since summer 2009. I am thankful that I did it through good ole fashioned exercise and diet and I am thankful that I did it just to be healthier and without any ulterior motive (like wedding dress etc.) I hope to continue to lose about 5 to 10 pounds more, but I am really feeling pretty good right now!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Friday is almost here!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today I wish...

It's not Wednesday yet, but its close enough for me to NOT feel like I am cheating!

Today I wish I was a stay-at-home fiance. I would make homemade chocolate chip chunk cookies and get them out of the oven at just the right moment, so that they were still hot and melty in my mouth. I would eat them in some super soft jammies while watching an all day marathon of my favorite movies and shows (all while not gaining a single pound, either)! Of course I would be doing this all in my extra comfy king sized bed that had permanently cold sheets... no need for moving around to get out of the 'hot zone'. The windows would be open and the crisp 70 degree-ish breeze would be wafting in. Troy would be with me too, but he wouldn't complain about the movie selection at all... just giggle and cry right there along side me.

Doesn't that sound so delightful?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 2 favorite hair products!

Oh Lordy am I am expert in this department! I sure do enjoy my products!!!
Here are my top two faves for the time being... it tends to change depending on my hair mood!

Framesi Sparkling Mousse

This mousse is FAN-tastic! It is strong enough to hold styles of ALL kinds, but light enough to not make you look like you are sporting an 80's doo! I am a big fan of body too... you know the bigger the hair (within reason), the happier I am!

I also absolutely loooooove Pureology!
I am a particular fan of the Hydrate line.
It is pretty expensive, so I am not always actually using this product! But I do enjoy getting it as a present (just thought I would throw it out there!) ha ha ha

Can't wait to see everyone's favorite products!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wildcat Frenzy

This weekend was a blast!

Friday didn't quite work out the way I had planned... I really dislike plans falling through (boo) I did end up helping my cousin put together her wedding invites and that was a blast!

Saturday was all about the...

Troy and I had an AHHHHH... mazing time cheering on our alma mater! We popped around from tailgate to tailgate, trying to keep cool. It was so super duper hot outside that Troy and I had to sneak into McKale center to cool off a bit!

Being semi-sneaky...

Boygle and Brother Bear at the Wildcat Walk...

And this is why we won people... because Sunshine touched my hand! (if you look really close you can see my manicured fingers gracing his palm)

It was a great day to be a Wildcat! Unexpected win, but much deserved! Bear Down Arizona!

Happy blogging friends!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

weekend plans

Sooo I am super excited for my weekend plans!

After a week like this one (parent teacher conferences), I really need some fun!
Since I was at school for almost 12 hours yesterday, I get to leave by noon today! Each morning when I was waking up at the crack of dawn, I was chanting to myself, 'half day Friday, half day Friday'.
Anywho, as soon as I say adios to this place, I am off to La Encantada shopping complex to get some face wash! Not a big whoop de doo, but I have been needing it ALL week and haven't had ANY time to get some! So I am excited to finally get a brand new crisp bottle of my Bliss Face Wash. Easily excitable here! I am also going to walk through Crate and Barrel and mind register for our wedding. No real registry yet, but I can pretend! Then I am going to meet my friend Kristen for some birthday drinks and appetizers! I am happy to see her. We are both so busy that we only get to see each other about once a month, and I look forward to our friend time so much! Love you Kristen! After that I am heading over to my cousins house to assemble her wedding invites! Some bonding time and giggles are ahead!

Saturday, Troygle and I are going on a bike ride! Maybe not the most thrilling of things, but I enjoy spending time with him in whatever capacity I can! Then we will chillax (and I hope to take a nap!) Later in the day its tailgate city time! UofA vs Iowa, baby! Its gonna be a good one and we must start it off right with an awesome tailgate!

Sunday is our baby cousin's Christening (we are almost married so I think I can start saying 'our' and 'we' when referring to the fam's). I hope to get a ride in before that too! This week has been so jam-packed I have felt like major loser on the exercise front. Plus I had chicken fingers Wednesday night and I might have succumbed to my obsession with Whoppers last night (whoops)!

I also am making a promise to be better about posting (and taking) pictures! So my next post will have some awesome shots... hopefully!

Happy Weekend friends!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time's ticking away...

Hello all!
I have been an absentee blogger and I have heard a little flak from some of my followers... some of the 4 (boo). I have this secret desire to have more than just 4 followers... it is sad!
Anywho, I am typing this lil ole post up in a moment of semi-frustration! Not knock down, drag out frustration, just mild life frustration!

I wish I had more time!!!!

I know everyone can relate to this sentiment! I just think if I had an extra 4 hours in the day, I could be soooo much more... well... everything!

Here is my theory on how having more time would help me:
If I had more time...
I could be so much more svelte, because I would be able to squeeze the bike rides and pilates lessons in more frequently!
I could be such a better friend! Here is my confession... I think about all of my friends and how they are doing while I am getting ready for work in the early morning. If I had extra time I could actually call them in the evening and see how they are! (ps... if you are a morning person and wouldn't mind getting a call from me, let me know!)
I would definitely be a better fiance. I would cook gourmet meals, make homemade cards and think of super thoughtful things to do each day for my boygle!
I think I would be a pretty amazing teacher, because I would have more time to research fun, exciting new things to do with my class!
I would for sure be less tired!

That's all... just a little rant and rave about not having enough time to be the fabulous person I really think I could be! For now, I guess "better than mediocre" will have to do!

Hope everyone is doing well in blog-land!
I am excited for my weekend plans... cocktails with my Kristen, wedding invitation assembly with my cousin, UofA vs. Iowa with my loves and family dinner!
I hope to actually get some pics up here soon... now that I think of it, I do have a pretty fun life!!!
Talk about a crazy lady!!!

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