Monday, January 7, 2013

Menu Monday

Good morning all! It is officially the start of the new semester, so I am kicking it into turbo gear. This week will be a busy one, however I don't actually start teaching my courses until next week. Thank baby Jesus for that extra bit of time for me to brush up my syllabi, calendar and vision for the courses. 

This week is also the start of a new weekly post- Menu Monday. Some of my favorite blogs post their weekly menu plans and I love to look at them for dinner inspiration! I am hoping to be a bit of inspiration for someone out there, but I am also sharing these menus to help hold myself accountable for my 'cook at least 4 times a week goal! 

So here goes... 
Monday- Parmesan chicken and zucchini, salad 
Tuesday- Red Curry Chicken with Kale
Wednesday- Happy hour with Jaci 
Thursday- birthday dinner with friends!
Friday- Crockpot cheesy beer chicken lettuce wraps 
Saturday- New Years with the Bernies!!! 
Sunday- dinner with the family (this is a weekly tradition)

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