Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new!

Happy New Year's Eve to the 2 or 3 followers I have! Most likely you forgot you were following this lil' blog, just like I forgot that I was writing this lil' blog!

I have vowed before to post more and be better, but I am serious this time... I hope :)

I enjoy reading blogs so much and hope to develop my lite home on the interwebs into something that others enjoy, as well!

My blogging resolution for this year is...
1. To write at least 1 post a week (surprise!)

I have other goals or resolutions for the year that are pretty basic, cookie cutter resolutions. Im listing them below, for accountability sake and because I know you are dying to know what they are!

1. Eat healthier. Carbs are my devil. Seriously. I have to cut them out, or widen our door frames, which I believe to be quite expensive. So carb cutting it is.

2. Run 3x a week. Power yoga 2x a week. This is not hard. I have grown to love to run and adore power yoga. I just don't make enough time for myself to do it. Waaaaa!

3. Cook 4-5 times a week. Love cooking... need to do it more. May help prevent the door widening project mentioned in #1

4. Do more of the small thoughtful things for others. I have a secret- I seriously think of sweet, thoughtful things to do for others all the time! My follow through stinks. Either I run out of time, forget or talk myself out of the cards, letters, notes and tokens of appreciation I have devised in my head. This needs to stop. It's important that the people in my life know I'm thinking about them.

5. Quit worrying. I'm actually worrying about how Im going to do this. Its got to stop. Now.

6. Remaining present. I'm prefacing this next sentence with a 'don't laugh.' I was listening to John Tesh (I know you are laughing anyways at this) and he was talking about how we have replaced communication, exercise, nature, enjoykng our lives, etc. with soft addictions like tv, phones, computers, Facebook, video games, etc. Gosh darn it John Tesh knows what he is talking about! I want to break this cycle and not be one if the masses that Mr. Tesh is talking about.

Alright, I am sure I will think of more and hopefully they will be fantastic! For now, I am done!
Happy New Years to you all! 2013 is your year, I know it!
xo, Amanda

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