Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today was the suckiest day I've had in awhile. It's actually a little comical now that I'm hiding away from the world (and my email) under 2 blankets. 

My morning begins around midnight, when I attempted to fall asleep. Typically I like to be in bed around 11pm but I was baking cinnamon coffee cake and was waiting on it to finish baking.

Anyways flash forward to 2:30am when I am still not sleeping and now panicking about not getting enough sleep, which just makes trying to fall asleep even harder.

I wake my husband up to tell him that I can't sleep. He grunts, falls back to sleep and I'm annoyed that he will not stay awake, tortured with me.

5:30 am rolls around. Of course I wake up 30 minutes before the alarm.

I get dressed in the closet so as to not disturb my husbands continued slumber. Unknowingly I put my underwear on inside out. I will figure this one out in the bathroom on a break during my class session, so yah... they stayed inside out. All. Day.

I'm walking into the school carrying le cinnamon crumb cake along with 3 bags full of crap. I completely eat shat. Like bags flip over my head and attempt to knock me unconscious as I slam knees and elbow to the ground. I saved the coffee cake, which is why I think I didn't completely lose my ish today.

The principal gave me stanky eye and snarling smile every time I saw her today. That wasn't fun.

All of the materials that I needed this afternoon were permanently borrowed by others. 

College attitudes. Too much, too much for me to handle. Definitely not today.

Cinnamon coffee cake was demolished, but not a single thank you was muttered.

That there friends was ma day! Tomorrow has GOT to be better, right? Let's hope! 

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  1. I always enjoy reading your musings and reflections! Hope your days improve, you are too happy a person to let it get you down.



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