Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So What Wednesday?

Happy hump day friends!

Soooo what... 

... If I am passing off cinnamon coffee cake mix as the homemade real deal. They are starving college students and will love it anyways.

... If I should be finishing my syllabi, calendars and assignment requirements for the semester, buuuut I'm not.

... If I am casually shopping online, 2 weeks after Christmas. 

... If I am digging Circle K coffee this week. I've been so incredibly busy and haven't had time to wait in line for my bucks! Boo.

... If I get to play with clay tomorrow! Did you ever make pinch pots? Yep! Be jealous.

... If I paid way too much on tall pajama pants. My legs are too long and my ankles need shelter.

... If I ate 3 teeny tiny chippers from Paradise Cafe today... I had a  12 hour workday. I earned them. Technically I earned about 20 but I restrained myself. 

... If I drink a glass of wine while I cook. Is there any other way to cook?

Have a lovely day, lovely ladies!

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