Friday, November 12, 2010

Updated blog (for YOU Krissy!)

I have had quite a few requests for an update on my blog! Krissy even told me that I better change my blog or else! I am sorry people! I have been terrible at keeping things fresh here... boo to me! We have been SOOOOO incredibly busy... I cannot even keep up with what has happened since I last blogged!

This time of year is my absolute favorite time of the year for so many reasons! One of those reasons are all the fantastic things there are to do in good ole' T-town. Summer is way too hot for much else besides the pool, so when the weather starts cooling down, Tucson gets hopping!

Needless to say we have been quite busy! Not to mention we have our 1st house together and a billio teeny tiny (and a few bigger) projects that we are trying to accomplish! Oh and then there is that little thing called 'Our Wedding' that we are planning for in about 4 months time! AGGGHHH!! I am NOT complaining though! I am sitting here typing, listening to Phil Collins, thinking about our future with a dry wall-less kitchen and excited! I am excited for so many things! There are the obvious things... wedding, holidays, winter break (actually thats a huge one!) But its the little things I am excited about mostly... baking, families coming together and being happy, relationships growing, sipping wine and champagne, hosting my 1st holiday for our growing family, accomplishing projects! All these little things and more that are contributing to our blossoming life together! Oh and I can't forget good music! Abba is playing now...(such a shameless fan!)

Anyways... as for the wedding updates! We are working on it- a LOT of it!

We are making favors, getting close to ordering invitations, thinking about readings and songs, wrapping up the Church paperwork (yes there is paperwork!), starting to make a dent in all the small things, working on attendant gifts etc.

There is a lot that we haven't started doing yet (thinking about- yes, doing- no)... tuxedos, scheduling the marriage encounter, picking out bridesmaids shoes, marriage counseling, veil, transportation, slideshow, flower princess ensemble.

And then there are the things that we have crossed off our list, which is MY favorite part! Church and venue booked, dress, shoes and jewelry purchased, bridesmaids dresses ordered, DJ booked, menu set (except for appetizers), favors purchased, florist booked, photographer booked, engagement shots taken (and proofs to be here soon... in like a week!)

The good thing about all of this though is ALL the help that I have gotten from Troy and our mama's. I'm not worried about getting anything done because I know I have them to help... I am worried that I might not remember everything I need to do!!! It seems like there is a lot that I am forgetting... oh well if I forgot anything, please comment me a reminder!!!

I am going to leave you with a few pictures of what we have been up to these days!

Being silly to keep warm on Mt. Lemmon!
Troy, Jess and I

Angel Charity Poker Tourney... stealing pumpkins and being fabulous!

Shelley's Bachelorette Party in VEGAS!

Troy and I at Shelley and Clark's wedding...

T-town girls... Whitney, Shelley and I

Pumpkin patching with the Bernsteins
Try to find Katie and I!

Katy's Bachelorette party in Phoenix!
Jessica, Katy and I

And as always Bearing Down for the Wildcats!!!

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