Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here we go... 2010!!!

So I am kicking off this blog thing with some of my resolutions for 2010! I try to be the best version of me everyday, but there are certainly some things I would like to accomplish in this upcoming year!

* I want to work out 3 times a week consistently... I cannot use the excuse that life gets in the way anymore! 3 times a week is totally do-able and besides it makes me feel so much better about myself. This in turn makes me more pleasant to be around and gives me a lot more energy. So I am really doing this for everyone else :)

* I want to eat better and not use food to make me feel better. This one is really hard for me! I love to EAT! I enjoy cooking, trying new recipes or new restaurants, spending time with friends and family. Food is a big part of all of this. I want to be able to make better food choices, so that my 3 times a week resolution up above might result in some toning up of the old ba-donk.

* I want to be a better friend. I want to spend more time with my girlfriends... whether it be a pedicure, a movie, dinner or even just a phone call. I hate that the majority of my friendships are now fostered through texts, blackberry messenger, facebook statuses and comments. I want face to face. Soooooo I am going to start a monthly girls night out club! Look for it... on facebook :)

* I want to be a better teacher. Don't get me wrong... I know I try my hardest every single day. I also know that I could be even better. I could be more consistent. I could plan farther in advance to avoid the last minute scrambles. I could do even more research on my subjects and units. I could integrate technology, the arts, music etc. into my lessons even more. I could collaborate more with my peers. I could get up a little bit earlier to get to work even earlier. I could do more to be better for the kids and myself.

* I want to stretch myself in my profession. I kind of already started this one... I signed up to host a student teacher next semester. You might think... big deal, right? I take my job very seriously, and I believe it is healthy to always want to be better at what I do. Ive always said the day that I feel like I know everything there is to know about education, will be the day I need to find another job. That being said, I can also be a little self conscious about my performance. Allowing someone else to come into my classroom and experience my day to day, work with my kiddos leaves me a little vulnerable. Vulnerable is not always something I am comfortable with... I just know that vulnerability leads to growth... so I torture myself by putting myself into vulnerable situations.

* I want to enjoy the present. It is time to let go of the sad parts and disappointments of the past and try not to worry so much about what the future holds. I want to bring positivity and find happiness in the moment, no matter what the moment may be. And I want to make good memories and take a bunch of pictures to remember them :)

* I want to take more time to let others know I appreciate them. I am going to try to bring back thank you notes, random acts of kindness, and letters. These are things that touch my heart, soooo I want to do them for the people that touch my heart.

Alright... those are the biggies. Here are the one liners, that don't require much explanation.

* I want to go to church more, with Troy.
* I want to spend more time with my brothers, both of them.
* I want to plan a trip with my girlfriends... I don't care where, I just think it would be fun!
* I want to be a good pseudo-aunt. Technically I am not an aunt yet, and considering my brothers, I won't be for a long while. Troy, however, is my key to being an pseudo-aunt and I'm officially requesting auntie privileges :)
* I want to give more to people who are not as fortunate as I am... whether it be donations of goods or time.
* I want to save more money this year.

I am sure there is more, but they have escaped me. I realize this is a lot and most likely I won't be able to accomplish all of these things. If you know anything about me though, you do know that I will bust my buns trying!!!

Here's to 2010! I have a feeling that it will be amazing!

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