Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Last week I had every intention of finishing playing 'catch-up' wiht my life, but I felt like major doo-doo! I felt dizzy and naseous all week. Now that I am married everyone assumes its because you are pregnant... which I am NOT! Yesterday was the first day I felt 100% better and what did I spend the day doing? Laundry and Turbo clean 2011! Between Maui, Vegas, new job responsibilities and feeling icky... le house was in pretty bad shape! Now it is all shiny and sparkly!
Today I felt so much better I even dusted off my 'ole workout kicks and did Zumba and then went to the gym and worked on my fitness on the elliptical. It was only 30 minutes of elliptical, but still... I'm impressed! To treat myself I took in a little of this...

Followed up with a little bit of browsing here! No buying!! (impressive if you know me!)

Aaand... finished up here! My favorite! Even better, I only left with what I actually needed, which is something to be proud of!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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