Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up- Girls Edition

We had a blast this weekend!

Friday morning, I went into the office for a bit to catch up on some work. Troy and Emma met me there, we played around ad visited a little, then Emma and I ran some errands. We had to get critical supplies for our girls night, Saturday!

We made cookies and enjoyed some pizza for lunch!

Then Emma went down for a nap and I started the real fun. Laundry, cleaning the house, packing. Thrilling, I tell ya!

After Emma woke up, we met some buddies for gelato. I had every best intention of taking pictures but it is impossible when you are entertaining wrangling four, 18-22 month olds.

After peach and strawberry gelato, we met Troy for dinner.

Saturday we woke up early and did something. Honestly, I have NO recollection of what we did. I think I was just 100% counting down the minutes for our girls night to start. Whoops!

Sarah and I have had a girls weekend in Phoenix every summer for 4 years now, I think. We used to invite our girl friends along. Typically we would have a group of 4-8 ladies. We would stay at a resort with an awesome pool- have pool time, go out for dinner and drinks and then have more snacks and girls talk when we get back to the room. In the morning we would go for a hike or a walk and go grab breakfast before heading home. Katie and I would end up shopping a bit before heading back home. We skipped last year because Emma was new-ish and I wasn't ready to leave her just yet. This summer, Sarah and I decided we absolutely wanted and needed a girls weekend, but we would bring along our little girls to join in on the fun!

Patrick and Andrew dropped Sarah and Allison off at the resort and headed over to have 'guys weekend' with Troy. Patrick and Troy took Andrew to see the Minions movie, pumped him full of movie theater treats and popcorn and finished it off with pizza and a living room camp out!

Around 3pm, we met Sarah and Allison at the resort. It was heavenly. Sarah had already turned down the air to 69 degrees. That is literally the first thing I do when I get into a hotel room... blast the air. Emma was so excited to see Allison that she needed some time to just process, meaning she was just saying 'Ayison' over and over and pointing at her. She loves her big cousin!
I mean they are just adorable in their matching shirts and shoes, right?

We spent some time at the pool, took baths, had dance parties, colored, played charades, ordered room service, had fancy drinks (sparkling grape juice) and eventually the girls fell asleep. Pretty easily, too. I think we wore them out!

Emma enjoys coloring. Her body.

Snacking and happy!

Sarah and Allison

Emma loved putting the glass up to her mouth and saying, 'mmmm.'

She is not actually drinking anything, It is more about the process!

After the girls fell asleep, Sarah and I stayed up and gave ourselves a facial. We used the Bliss Triple Oxygen Facial in a Box. It was lovely. Then we chatted until we saw it was midnight and immediately tried to go to bed. We knew we would have 2 little girls up soon!

The next morning Emma woke up early so I toke her for walk around the entire property. It was incredibly beautiful and a good way to burn off a few of those cookie calories!

We met up with Troy, Patrick and Andrew for breakfast before The Phoenix Bogles hit the road. I always wish we all lived in the same city BUT I am grateful that we live close enough to get together often!

Troy, Emma and I went to visit with my brother Josh for a couple of hours. Josh and Amy had been on vacation for 10 days to Wisconsin and Chicago and we wanted to hear all about their trip.

Then we headed to my moms for Sunday dinner. I started to feel a bit sick at my moms house- too much sun and not enough water is NOT a good combination for a pregnant mama.

As soon as we got home and Emma was down for the night, I passed out, too!

It was such a fun and memorable weekend! I know the girls enjoyed themselves so much, Andrew did, too!  I can't wait until we can do it again!

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