Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Meal Plans #5

It was another fantastic weekend for us. Well, except for the fact that Troy had to work on a big project Friday and Saturday. Emma and I made the most of it all, though! On Saturday, we got in a little IKEA time. There were some things we were looking at for Emma's big girl room and they were on sale this weekend. We traveled north to an absolute zoo! There were a lot of families shopping for back to school. It was sweet to see these fresh faced college students to be shopping with their families for dorm room and apartment necessities. I remember being 17 and preparing for college, I thought I knew it all. Within a week of being on campus I quickly learned how little I actually knew about people and the world I was ready to conquer. I couldn't help but look at the faces of my fellow IKEA shoppers and think about how much they will experience and grown from in this next phase of their lives and how exciting it will be for them! I don't mean for this to sound superior, at all. I truly believe AND feel that the older I get, the more I realize how much I still have to learn, Aging is a humbling thing.

Any who, onto our weekly menu! I have been trying to expand our horizons a bit over here. I tend to have a few regulars in my rotation because they are familiar, easy and I know they are well loved. The problem is, I get bored of making and eating them after a while. I have been on the hunt for easy and tasty newer recipes to add to our meal plans. If you have any favorites, please pass them along!

Monday- rotisserie chicken, sweet potatoes and bacon green beans
I have a long day of doctor appointments, helping Troy at the office and grocery shopping. One stop on my list is Costco. I love grabbing a rotisserie chicken... makes a great dinner and I use the extra chicken to make a simple chicken salad for lunch!

Tuesday- burgers, corn, green bean almondine
Can you tell green beans are on my Costco list? Have to use them all up and we don't mind!

Wednesday- Chili Stuffed Baked Potatoes
I will make an easy crockpot chili and jazz it up by using it as a topping for baked potatoes.

Thursday- flank steak salads
Troy will grill flank steak for our salads when he grills burgers on Tuesday. I hope I can resist a piece here and there so that we have some for salads Thursday!

Friday- double date night!
Troy and his business partner AKA bestie for life, Matt, are taking Katie and I out to dinner. There will be some nerd talk business conversations but mostly it will be fun to get out with our friends, the Bernies!

Saturday- I could totally make something up here and you would never know, however I wouldn't do that to you. I have no plans yet, BUT I have a hunch that it will be egg drop soup. I was obsessed with egg drop soup when I was pregnant with Emma. Early in this pregnancy just the thought of eggs was enough to send me running to the bathroom. Well, that has passed my friends, and the egg drop soup obsession has set in. I have to have once every week and I prefer it from my favorite hole in the wall local Chinese restaurant. They know Troy and they know his order. They think he doesn't have a real family because they have never met us. I think they believe he lies about having a family so he won't be embarrassed that he is ordering for two. They love him anyways. Plus we get free wontons out of the deal. Another reason that I think they feel bad for him! I am not complaining, though. Wontons broken up in egg drop soup... is there anything greater? (The answer is no.)

Sunday- Family dinner
Love not having to worry about family dinner, unless I host it. We live a good 45 minutes across town, though, so my mom hosts most weeks. I try to host a holiday, Troys birthday celebration, my moms birthday and a couple others here and there.

Again, if you have any favorite family recipes please share!!

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