Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up- Fourth of July Edition

We had a really fantastic Fourth of July weekend. It felt like our weekend was in slow motion, but in the good kind of way.

On Friday morning, I went into to help out at the office. I help out with Troy's business about once a week. This way he can shave a few hours of work off his already full plate, we get to spend more time together as a family and I get some 'me' time. My mom stayed and played with Emma. I will not bore you with a picture of me at the office.

Friday afternoon, Katie and Addison came over to play with us. We also attempted a patriotic craft. I am not sure attempted is the correct word. We finished the craft but there were a bit more tears than smiles and laughter. Let me just say that Emma is not ready for painting. And mama isn't ready either.

This is what she gives me when I ask for her to take a picture with her art.

I didn't have any time to start dinner. The day just creeped away from us! So, we met Troy at a local Mexican food restaurant for dinner, Emma loves chips and salsa. Or dippy, as she likes to call it.

Yes. I am as tired as I look.

I woke up Saturday morning and the weather was gorgeous! It was breezy and overcast- I thought I was dreaming. Troy and Emma were leaving for a walk while I was heading to Body Pump. As I was walking out of Body Pump, there were Troy and Emma! It was a small surprise but it made me so happy! They had walked about 3 miles to the gym from our house. We piled into the car and went to have breakfast.

After breakfast, Troy dropped Emma and I off at home for nap time and he went to Lowe's to get supplies for Emma's bed. Since we are having another baby in December, we have been thinking and planning on Emma's big girl room. Emma's nursery is very gender neutral, as we didn't find out what we were having when pregnant with her. We agreed that we would skip the decorating until we moved her into her big girl room. Long story short, we aren't ready for her to be in a twin bed and we didn't want to buy a toddler bed or another crib for the new baby. I found some ideas for a mini toddler daybed on Pinterest and we decided to build it for Emma. We are actually going to make this gender neutral, as well, so we can use it for our future children!

While Emma napped and Troy shopped at his mecca, I worked on organizing the office. We have some rearranging to do in our house with the new baby coming. One of the MAJOR projects is organizing and storing my teaching supplies. I purged A LOT when I officially resigned from my position, but there was a lot I couldn't part with. Some of it I can use as resources in the courses I teach, some of it is curricula I created and am passionate about, most of it is children's literature. I just can't get rid of my books. Never.

When Emma woke up, we headed to my aunt's house for a BBQ. My cousins, who have been stationed in Pendelton, California are being transferred to North Carolina. We all got together for the 4th of July and to be celebrate their move.We were blessed to see them often when they lived only 6ish hours away.

Aren't they so cute? I love them. I actually babysat my cousin Jordan for Nicole when she first started dating Chris a million years ago. I just love these two and will miss seeing them often!

We had SO much fun being with family and the weather was quite nice, if a little humid. Emma loved splashing in the puddles from the pool, dancing and eating cookies. 3 cookies to be exact. My family is Italian, they like to sneak food to the littles to see them smile, laugh, run away from their mothers when they are trying to limit their cookie intake. Sigh.

 Emma says, 'It is actually a cannoli mama, get with the program.'
This was originally MY cannoli, until the cookie monster took it.

There was one point when I looked over at Emma and she was slamming her body into the back of the couch cushions over and over again while taking bites of a chocolate cookie. Sugar high in full effect.

 She is getting crazy eyes...
This is mid- body slamming. Troy is smiling, but he is incredibly fearful for his life. I mean, look at her face. On a side note, this is my Aunt Betty... isn't she gorgeous?

Emma also got in some major bonding time with her cousins Rhet and Christian. Emma, Rhet and Christian were all born about 6 weeks apart... Christian, Rhet and then Emma. My cousin Katy, Rhet's mom, just found out she was pregnant again, too! Annnnd... she is almost exactly 6 weeks behind us. The answer to everyone's question is YES, we conference together about family planning. We actually don't, we just have perfect timing.

 Christian, Emma and Rhet.
Christian wants to know what is wrong. Emma wants to know where her next cookie is.

After we made it home and my little sugar fiend passed out, Troy and I tried to stay up a bit longer. I hoped to sneak out into the back yard and see some fire works, but we were both so tired. We fell asleep to listening to the sound of fireworks going off in the sky. That counts for something, right?

Sunday morning started early because we were all so well rested. It was an even more overcast, breezy day. The perfect kind of day in my book. I went to the gym to get some cardio in, while Troy and Emma played. Afterwards they met me at the grocery store to get our weekly supplies. Emma loves to run around the aisles and pick up all kinds of treasures. She also loves the fruit and meat department samples. We enjoy them, too. Bacon? Ummmmm...yes!

We then all went to Lowe's to get some final supplies for the bed. After Emma took a nap, I worked on the office some more and Troy got to work.

After Emma woke and had lunch, we went into the garage to supervise Troy's project. Emma had the best time sitting in a lounge chair, practicing riding her tricycle, picking rocks from the front yard and just hanging out with us. I worked on organizing/picking up the garage.

Emma also worked on perfecting the art of the selfie. I found these photos on my phone and Troy and I thought they were so adorable. I wonder what she is thinking as she is taking each one?

Troy finished up his work on the bed and Emma LOVES it. Seriously, she wouldn't get out of it once it was done. Seriously, though.

Just needs one more slat and then it is into my hands for upholstering!

We ALL cleaned up, ate dinner and passed out again. We were so busy going, going we didn't realize how sleepy we were until we sat/laid down.

Looking back, it was such a great weekend. It was filled with family, food, activity and quality time together. Those are my favorite things and how I wish to spend all my weekends!

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