Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bumpdate- Week 13

June 19-25
This is a lame bump shot- the hubs and I need to step up our game!

So what has been going on this week?

Working, planning, packing... it's been busy! I've worked a lot at my summer/part-time job this week which has been nice AND a bit tiring. I have been spending a lot of time planning... thinking of nursery ideas, researching different products, strollers, bottles, diapers, etc. I have also been planning for my next year of school, which I will be starting up here soon! The kiddos won't start until August 5th, but I like to get in my class and take my sweet time organizing, ordering, setting up and planning. I have been out of the little people classroom for 2 years now, so I have got some work to do! Finally I have been planning and packing for our upcoming family trip!

How far along?
13 weeks! Baby is the size of a peach (yum)

Maternity Clothes?
Still in my regular clothes. There are definitely some things that I cannot wear anymore, but mostly they were the things that were more form fitting and less stretchy!

Stretch Marks?
None... I'm still being proactive with my Bio-oil and Almond oil, so hopefully those will help keep any stretch marks at bay :)

None felt yet... hopefully soon!

Food cravings?
Carbs have been on my mind. They say never grocery shop when hungry, but I think its more dangerous to grocery shop pregnant! I totally had to talk myself out of buying cookies (not 1 kind, but 3 different kinds!), that I haven't had in YEARS!

Fish sticks are something that I have eaten 1 time in my life and did NOT enjoy. About 2 months ago I tried a fish stick at my sister in law's house and really enjoyed it. I have been obsessing for these fish sticks this entire week. I literally have eaten fish sticks every day, with ketchup (another thing I have not cared for) and Sriracha mixed together. Seriously, I swear it is delish!

What I miss:
This week has been an emotional one... I really miss being able to let the small things roll off my back and defaulting to my sunshiny, positive personality. I am hopeful this is just a 'phase' and I will be back to my rose colored glasses soon.

Headaches! Ugggh... they aren't migraines or stress headaches. They are just dull headaches that last all day long. I have been getting them everyday, too. I am thankful they aren't terrible, but they certainly aren't fun.

Best moment this week?
Talking about stuff with my friends... I have really good, supportive friends who listen, understand and do not judge when I share that not every single step of this pregnancy journey is rainbows and butterflies! I am incredibly blessed and thankful for this blessing, but being a newbie and experiencing so many changes in a relatively short amount of time is challenging, too. It is so nice to have people to talk about the pits and peaks of it all!

Wednesday- 45 minute incline walk
Thursday- none
Friday- 45 minute incline walk
Saturday- walk/run
Sunday- none
Monday- none
Tuesday- 1.5 mile walk... I was pressed for time!
*I didn't get my 5 workouts in, but I am determined to next week! Plus I did 4, which is pretty darn close!

Gender Prediction?
My grandma and my older brother still think it's a boy and some friends of mine have said they think it's a girl. Troy and I do not have any real boy/girl inclinations and since we aren't going to find out, we haven't really been gender focused.

Sleep has been better this week than it has in the past few months. I have been able to sleep better throughout the night and not had to get up to go to the bathroom as much.

What I'm looking forward to?
Spending some time with family in the mountains! My sister in law, Sarah and I really enjoy our girl time together! It will be nice to get some girl time in and love on my niece and nephew!

Wisdom or other thoughts:
Talk it out! If you are feeling blue, stressed, worried, emotional, whatever... talk to someone! Guarantee it makes a world of difference... thank you to all my lovelies for being there for me <3

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  1. I hear ya on the headaches... I haven't had TOO many but the handful of headaches that I HAVE had have been sooooooo intense. I swear it is direct result from being dehydrated. I drink lemon water LIKE CRAZY.

    So cool that you guys aren't going to find out the sex... Good for you! ;-D



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