Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catching Up

Hello friends!

Well... it has been a long time and I broke my promise to stay on top of blogging. I am actually not surprised by this AT ALL- I am lame. In my defense there has been a lot of changes and transitions in these here parts.  Here come the updates:

I have left my position at the University to return back to the classroom!! I am incredibly excited to be working hands on with kiddos- 1st graders to be excited! I am so lucky to be returning to my favorite grade level, with the same exact team AND get this- the same exact classroom that I used to teach in. It is fate, people!

Troy and I have completely ripped up our downstairs carpet and tile and replaced with beeeeee-autiful laminate flooring. We are in love. Now Troy is working on our stairs, which is definitely a more involved and complex project than the downstairs. After a month on living in a construction zone we hope to be finished this weekend! Then we will replace the upstairs hallway with laminate and the 4 bedrooms will be getting new carpet. Complex project BUT so worth it... we just love, love, love our 'new' home!

I haven't been able to help with the stairs project as I did with the downstairs flooring, which has contributed to it taking as long as it has. I just cannot be around the painting and staining beeeeeeeeeeeecause....

Troy and I are having a baby!!

Yes, I intended to save this amazing news for last :) We are super excited and looking forward to meeting our little Baby Bogle in December 2013. December 25, to be exact, but we all know how reliable those due dates can be. 

I plan on documenting our Baby journey along the way... not unique or creative of me, but I don't care!! Check back weekly to see how things are going (and growing) around here!



  1. Hi Amanda...just wanted to introduce myself and hope you don't think I'm stalkerish:-)...but just found out today that my sweet baby girl, Alexa, is going to be in your 1st Grade class this year. She's my oldest so I'm really still a novice to the whole elementary-aged kiddos things and I hadn't ever heard your name mentioned at I googled you and found your adorable blog! Congrats on the pregnancy...I'm guessing that will mean Alexa will get a new teacher for at least part of the year. Anyways, Alexa and I are both looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks. :)
    Collette Mortenson

  2. PS...LOVE that you and your hubs are big Arizona fans. Alexa will be able to tell you just how obsessed her daddy is. Our youngest's nursery is decked out in everything UoA themed, complete with a huge 4'x4' block A on his wall. :-)



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