Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Details Linkup

Two of my favorite blogs to read are hosting a Wedding Details linkup. I really enjoy reading about and admiring people's weddings. I love seeing the different ways everyone gets hitched. 

Alrighty, Troy and I met in an unconventional way. Well, actually it is not so unconventional anymore, but it is definitely a story I have had to get used to telling. Enough skirting the issue... Troy and I met online, kinda. I had been dating a super loser on and off for about a year. My girlfriends were pulling out ALL the stops to try and nip that relationship in the bud (yes, its 'nip in the bud' NOT 'nip in the butt'... something I just recently discovered myself!) One night while consuming some wine we decided to create an online dating profile for me. I bought the 1 month package. It was fun creating it and checking out all the profiles on there. Then the messages started rolling in. Most were really pushy, some were strange and one was interesting. I corresponded back and forth with the interesting guy, but decided to deactivate my account.

Fast forward about 6 months- summertime and the living is easy! For a teacher, at least! Most of my summer days were spent at the pool with my fellow teacher friends. On such a day, I received a Facebook friend request from a hottie. I knew him somehow, but I couldn't remember how. Of course I accepted. Of course I messaged flirty responses to his messages. Of course I freaked out and didn't respond when he asked if we could grab a drink together! A few days of mulling it over and talking with my friends, I finally agreed to meet up, get a free drink and lock myself in the women's restroom, if he turned out to be a creeper.

It took about a month of dates with butterflies in my tummy and a really awkward conversation for me to connect the dots. Mr. Facebook was in fact Mr. Interesting Online Dating Guy. We had a mutual Facebook friend and I had commented or liked a post that Troy had commented or liked, and the rest is history...

Unconventional? I think so, but it has worked for us :)

We became engaged on June 3, 2010 and were married on March 25, 2011. I have always thought a New Years Eve wedding would be a lot of fun, but we didn't want to rush the process OR wait a year and a half to get married. So spring it was! As far as March 25th goes... it is incredibly hard to organize the schedule of the Catholic Church AND a reception site, soooooo.... we saw an opening and grabbed at it!
So happy to be engaged!
My family's Church and a local resort that is part historical site and part newly renovated. It is a unique space for sure!
The church where we were married

A view from our reception!

Bridal Party
We both had our closest friends and family members.
I had my cousin, my sister in law love, a friend from high school, college and adulthood.
Troy had his brother, my 2 brothers, his closest friend from elementary until today and another elementary friend.
What a good lookin' group!
The ladies wore a soft gray dress, but our colors were mostly ivory and soft pinks. I had a vision of having a lot of mercury glass around until I saw how expensive my vision was and then changed my mind!


Cake! I didn't even get a piece, but everyone loved it!

Sweets table... didn't get any of this, either!

Our guest tree... we have this hanging in our bedroom now!

Wine bottle favors
First Dance
Everything by Michael Buble- definitely more of a peppy song, which totally fits us. We are not sappy, sugary lovey- dovey song people!
Our first dance and my terrible hair
We got married at a busy time of year for a teacher. I did NOT want to short change our honeymoon because of the panic I felt in writing lesson plans or leaving my kiddos for a week and a half! After we got married we did need some time away from everyonething, so we escaped to Sedona for 3 blissful days on our mini-moon. We hiked, explored, relaxed and drank our hearts out AND I only needed to write 3 days worth of sub plans! Score!

In the summer we went to Maui for our honeymoon and I am still upset that we needed to leave to come home :(

What would I change
Most of the technical things I would change are so small and ridiculous now that I look back on it. I hated my hair that day! The trials we did were amaze-balls, but then the big day arrives and he did NOTHING like we had planned. I never did return to him after that and wish I had my current stylist/friend (who I knew and considered having do my hair... gah!)

Mostly I would change some of the process... there was a lot of family tension around the time of our wedding. Not having to do anything with us, but it did impact our time. I wish I didn't care as much and had distanced myself from their issues. I think if Troy and I didn't have all of that weighing on our minds, we wouldn't have been and continue to be concerned and/or hurt by their actions or misbehavior's. 

Other than that drama... our day was everything we hoped. Then Pinterest made an appearance...


  1. Hello fellow Tucson bride! What a beautiful wedding :) Our guest book was like yours too! A friend of ours drew a tree and everyone put their thumbprints and signed. I love that idea!

  2. The picture of you and your husband on your wedding day is gorgeous!



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