Friday, February 26, 2010


favorite- a person or thing regarded with special favor or preference

That being said here are a few of my favorite things as of late:

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

Troy and I discovered this in San Diego, when we stayed at the W Hotel. I love this so much, because the wash is super gentle but it has mini exfoliating beads that scrub all the 'stuff' away without leaving your face pink, blotchy and full of hurt. I love this face wash sooooo much that my partner in crime and I, helped ourselves to a few extra samples, when nobody was looking! Ooops... living the life of crime :)

My Ugg Slipper Roos

Definitely not the cutest slippers out there, but I got a killer deal on them from a completely understanding Dillard's shoe goddess... $25!!! They are so comfy and keep my tootsies toasty!!

Starbucks Americano (grande)

Just discovered this yummy drink this week. I usually get the Starbucks drip coffee, and my neighborhood Barista suggested the Americano... espresso mixed with hot water. I loooove this drink, but it has to be grande style. 5 shots in the venti is way too much power for me.

Francesca's Collections

Love this little boutique in La Encantada! They have some cute, unique and most importantly affordable things! They also have really amazing pieces of jewelry and other chotchkies! I love this place and could spend hours looking at all their pretty little things! Best news yet... they are opening a store at Park Place!


Way too expensive for me to admit how much I spent on this shampoo and conditioner, but it is SOOO WORTH IT!!! Since I have been using it I have cut down on the amount of conditioner I use in the shower. Also I don't need to use a leave in to work the comb through my nest! In fact I do not even have a messy nest when I get out of the shower anymore! My hair is so wonderful and soft and strong since using this product.... I am in looove with it! On top of all of this, last time I went to get my hair did, my hair stylist and I decided that I actually didn't need to color my hair, just needed a little trim!!! Long story short... my color lasts longer, my hair is smoother and my split ends are not so rampant!!! Sooooo worth the money (even Troy admitted this after I caved and told him how much it was)

And my final favorite.... Rodeo Days!

Tucson celebrates Rodeo Days! Due to our rich rodeo heritage the voters of Tucson have set aside 2 days to celebrate and experience the rodeo events that come to town, the end of February. This means that we get a 4 day weekend! Woo hoo... I promise to always embrace and teach to our future leaders about the importance of the Rodeo, as long as Tucson always promises to give me my 4 day weekend!!! I am loving my 4 days off...thank you Tucson :)

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