Tuesday, March 2, 2010


At one point in time, I had my whole life planned. Have I met every timeline I set forth? Hell to the NNNNNN OOOOOO!!! Have I met the important ones? YES and I have earned some bragging rights along the way, too :) (thank you, thank you very much!)

I have let my disappointments make me blue, but deep down in that big ole sloppy heart of mine, I have kept faith... and confidence in what I want for my life and what I deserve. Thank you mom, Jon and Josh for reminding me (blatantly, reminding me) when I have lost sight of that.

I see now, that every 'disappointment' has actually been a ginormous blessing in disguise. I am a firm believer in this statement... 'when God closes one door, he opens a window!' And in my case God has opened the most beautiful bay window! It is actually a bay window seat, that overlooks a luxurious white sand beach, in the middle of a colorful painted Arizona sunset! Far fetched... a little, but remember this is MY special window!

I have been so blessed in life, recently! And all my blessings give clarity to the silly little road bumps along the way. So if I can impart just a teensy weensy little morsel of knowledge upon you, my blog friends, let it be this...

keep the faith
if you must plan for anything in life, plan to be surprised!

For dinner tonight...
whole wheat pasta with mushrooms and yellow squash in a white wine, garlic sauce! yum-o!

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