Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love Sabino Sundays

Well friends... thank you all for your kind thoughts and positive words! It is nice to know that by no means am I the first person to ever be disappointed in a friendship or relationship! Actually I never felt that I was the only person, but I found myself caught up in the whole thing and lost a little perspective. Thank you all... you have definitely lifted my spirits!

I have had a pretty fantastic Sunday so far! Troy and I got up early and went for a 4 mile walk in the foothills near Sabino Canyon. We started actually hiking the canyon, Sundays at the beginning of our relationship, but now we prefer to cruise the neighborhoods instead. I love Sabino Sundays, as I have nicknamed them. We walk through beautiful neighborhoods tucked away in hills and mountains. The views are truly breathtaking. This morning the weather was chilly and overcast so the mountains were even more beautiful! All the plants were wet from the rain the night before, so it seemed like the palo verdes and ocotillos were even more green than ever! And the smell of the desert after it rains... today I fell in love with Tucson a little bit more.

The real reason I love Sabino Sundays is our conversation. Troy and I talk about every and anything on our minds. In fact we end up laughing the majority of our walk. Troy makes me laugh deep down into my belly (between him and my newfound love of Pilates, I will be ready to rock this bathing suit season!!) We look at all the houses and discuss what we like about them and what we would change about them. It is fun to imagine the different improvements that we would do if the homes were ours to remodel. I tend to prefer the mediterranean, european and spanish colonial type homes. Troy and I have very similar tastes... I would call it impeccable :)

After we grabbed breakfast and coffee at Beyond Bread and went to Lowe's. I try to make deals with Troy... an hour at Lowe's for an hour at Target (love) but if I am being completely honest, the Lowe's trip is becoming a favorite part of my Sunday too! It ties hand in hand with our remodeling dreams! We walk throughout the store and talk about what we like best in each aisle. We limit ourselves to an hour in Lowe's, otherwise we could probably be there all day long.

The day is not over... I am now sitting on the couch watching Troy play Tom Clancy. Some might say, how boring! I would have to counter and say, you obviously have never seen Troy play a video game before!!! In a few hours we are going to fill our bellies with my mama's homemade dinner (and dessert)!

Tomorrow is a big day for me! There are 3 teachers coming to observe me from other schools in the district! My principal recommended that these 1st and 2nd year teachers come see how I run my class and how I implement the curriculum, etc. I am very flattered, a little shocked and a whole lotta nervous!!! I hope I remember to breathe!


  1. I hope today went well for you! And I wish I had Sunday dinner with you all. Maybe next Sunday someone will have to keep me on speaker phone and send me some baked ziti or zucchini pie....

  2. I would say good luck but I guess its already happened now so I hope it went well :)

  3. Amanda I am seriously sadden by the fact that we did not become closer friends and that I now live in Idaho...but you are a girl of my own heart. I LOVE Target too and was just at Lowe's today. And Scott is my best friend too and we talk all the time. Actually, sometimes when we are making out we get to talking or laughing about something and it can be hours before we get back to the making out. I am so glad life is so great for you. Savor every moment (which you are obviously doing but keep it up!)

    And at the very least we must be pen pals via blogs and facebook. :)



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