Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Update...

Well this weekend was super busy AAAANNNDDDD super fun!

I woke up Friday...
to the most amazing looove basket for Valentines Day! Troy and I celebrated Valentines Day Friday because we had lots of other plans for the rest of the weekend. Anyways... Troy filled a basket with two bottles of wine, Dove chocolates (my new favorite since being introduced to them by Warner and Cindy) valentine cupcakes, homemade chocolate covered strawberries (yes, homemade), my own copies of Will You Be My Valentine Charlie Brown? and The Time Travelers Wife, a new red nail polish and a bottle of Burberry perfume. He also had gotten me my very favorite flower... pink peonies! It gets better, because Troy had taken Friday off from work to come and spend 'Valentines Day' with me and the kiddos!! Talk about being the most thoughtful, sweet man... ahhhh. I felt incredibly special and loved and I got to see Mr. Troy in action... I put him in charge of a craft center and reading a book to the students! Everyone loved seeing and spending the day with Mr. Troy... everyone (especially me!)

After work, Troy took a huge nap (after he expressed his new found understanding of why I was so tired after work sometimes) Then we got all gussied up and went to Sullivan's Steakhouse. I am embarrassed to say I have never actually eaten there before (only enjoyed some tasty cocktails!) I am so happy that my first Sullivan's experience was with Troy... we totally gorged ourselves with some divine dishes! It was the most perfect evening. I know why people love Valentines so much... now I do too!

was all about the Jersey Shore! We, AKA Snickers and the Good Time, had a blast at Vanessa and Ben's partay!! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as we feasted on Ron Ron Punch, pizza, ham and pickles :)

Sunday was TROY'S day!
I gave him my totally homemade present... it was cheesy, but heartfelt. I made him a mix CD of songs that make me think of him. I also made him his very own 'jar of love'. I made little round labels of all the things I love most about Troy and I put them onto the bottoms of Hershey kisses and hugs! I also got him some scratchers, because I am feeling so lucky to have him in my life. We got some breakfast and sat outside because the weather was amazing. After that my boygle requested we go to Lowe's. We spent a good hour+ in Lowe's, while I sported a ponytail... Troy's request. When we were leaving Lowe's, Troy said it was the best day of his life... I guess it really is all about the little things in life! Before we headed to my moms for Sunday dinner, he got some time in with the other love of his life... Tom (as in Tom Clancy).

I would say it was a pretty magical weekend... and of course just like after every other weekend Troy and I spend together, I am left wishing that I had just one more day :)

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