Friday, February 5, 2010

Funny Fridays

I have been encouraged by MANY to keep track of all the silly, funny things that my students say and do. They do always provide me with a good laugh and I guess I just never thought others would get so much enjoyment out of them! I guess I was wrong about that!!
So in attempt to share all the sillies that happen throughout my week, I am going to start a weekly post entitled Funny Fridays! It will be like a Top 5 list of the silliest stories of the week! Here goes... (my response is in pink, students in black)

Ms. Plicht... you are the prettiest teacher in this whole classroom!
Why thank you, that is so sweet! Did you know that I am the only teacher in this class?
Yep, and you are the prettiest too!

(after giving a student a compliment for being kind)
Ms. Plicht, I think I just might love you!
Really... when will you know for sure?
Maybe when you give me a positive paw! (a school reward for good behavior)

Simple math...
I forgot what 5+5 is
If you hadn't forgotten, what would you say?

Farm life... (this one counts double!!!)
(while helping a student write a story about going to the farm)
First I get to the farm. Next I will milk a cow. Last I will ride a horse.
Good! Let's make one of our sentences even juicier! Can you give me some details about the cow?
I pull its wienie and the milk comes out.
(laughing) Actually the milk comes out of the cows utters, not the cows wienie... milk cows are girls!
One time my wienie turned pink. Mom told me to stop touching it. My sister told me to clean it.
Alrighty, lets get back to our story!

That's all for now! Hope you enjoy these funnies as much as I do! Often times I have to turn away to stifle the laughter, but most of the time I fail miserably!

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