Monday, February 1, 2010

What a BUSY weekend!

Well I could NOT wait for this weekend to start off!!! First of all I was excited to kick off the first Girls Night Out! The night was perfect... Jess and I touched up after work and shopping (her part) at my place, over some pink yum yums. Then we made our way to La Encantada for some mild window shopping and to snag a table at North. Breanne met us there and Nicole and Vanessa soon followed! We all ordered some tasty snacks... the artichoke was deeeelicious. Then some other lovely ladies showed up. I was a little nervous about how the nigt would turn out. I was the common element among all the girls and I wanted to make sure that everyone felt comfortable and at ease. My whole vision of this was to form a group of girlfriends, who got together monthly to catch up and enjoy each others company... so obviously having everyone feel comfortable was a must. I think it was really successful... at least I had a blast. My cousin and her friend Jessica, as well as my friend Chelsea came out to play. We all enjoyed sipping cocktails and chatting away outside under the heaters.

Soooo... as the night was simering down, Troy called to tell me that Sarah's water broke. All the girls said adios and I raced home to get some clothes thrown in a bag to go to Phoenix. We didn't get in until almost midnight. Sarah was just starting her almost 28 hour labor! Can you believe that?!? I am so impressed with her strength. She was joking around and chatting with us, even when I could see that she was having a contraction on the monitor. She really set the bar high for amazing labor etiquette. I cannot guarantee that I will remain as composed and collected as she did!!

So while we were all anticipating the arrival of baby Allison Gabrielle, we had some quality bonding time in the waiting room! All of the family made the trek to Phoenix, but as we got into the wee hours some went to the hotel to try to catch some zzzz's. Troy and I stayed with his parents, Cindy and Warner and his grandparents, Gene and Cecilia.
As Troy snoozed away on the most uncomfortable couch, Gene and Warner taught me how to play Unce (I think that how you spell it). Its a card game thats like a mix of Phase 10 and Rummikub... sooo it was right up my alley! Around 7am in the morning, Troy and I finally went to the hotel room to sleep. It was so hard to actually fall asleep, no matter how tired I was! I was too excited to miss something having to do with Allison! Needless to say, this is how the majority of the weekend went. I didn't want to miss anything at all, so sleeping was pretty impossible. I think that everyone pretty much felt the same way!!

The little peanut finally decided to introduce herslef to everyone around 10:50 something on Saturday evening. She was very adorable and incredibly perfect... really looking like just a cute little peanut!!! It was very easy to fall in love with her.
So the weekend may have been without sleep, but it was certainly filled with a lot of bonding and amazing memories. Babies are such a miracle and a blessing into everyones lives, and I am just incredibly fortunate to have been a part of Miss Allison's welcome into the world!

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  1. I couldn't have written it better - thanks for being a part of our special time! I cannot believe you played cards most of the wee hours of early morning until the sun came up, never losing your cheerful outlook and happy nature. Amanda you are amazing!



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