Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I am putting together a list of the little things in life, that make me extraordinarily happy. I think sometimes people can get wrapped up in all the things that are going 'wrong' in our lives... I find myself stuck there sometimes too! It is nice (and better on your heart) to focus on all the good things.

Here is my little list (for today), in no particular order...
the smell of fresh, clean laundry
fuzzy slippers
pink yum-yums with Jess
listening to children's conversations
The Giving Tree and Oh The Places You'll Go
watching reality television (guilty)
laughing so hard that my belly gets a workout
fun Girls night out (or in!)
looking at my Grandmas pictures and listening to her stories
spending time with my family
falling asleep in the cold
accomplishing a goal or wrapping up a project
watching and helping a child 'get it'
and last, but certainly NOT least.....

Come on how could that face not make you feel wonderful inside? Whether I am having a good, bad or just so-so day... Troy ALWAYS makes me feel loved :)
Feeling incredibly lucky to have him is DEFINITELY one of my life's simple pleasures!

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