Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello World

Well this past weekend was another super busy one, which, of course....I loved!!! We had our 3rd Annual Friendstivus, which was a major success, aside from the fact that a lot of people ended up not making it out (boo)! I get that life pops up but have the decency to call, or even text! Geesh... what happened to manners? It could very well be my life karma for being the worst RSVP'er in the land, so I better stop ranting now!
Friendstivus is our way of getting together with our nearest and dearest during a busy holiday time! We usually laugh too much, eat too much and drink too much, aaaaaand.... this year was no exception! Our theme was Pajama-rama! Let me explain something...I have yet to meet someone as passionate about theme parties as I am. Usually whomever I suggest a theme party to, ends up looking at me, thinking 'is this for real or is she joking?' It is for real! I just absolutely LOVE theme parties! Needless to say, I was soooooo happy when Katie loved my idea!! She very well may be my party-planning soul mate. Everyone pretty much had a blast... I mean come over in your cozy PJ's, eat yummy breakfast and wash it down with bloody marys or spiked hot cocoa? Yes, please!!!
Here are some pictures to prove it!
Katie and I getting ready for the party!
The handsome hubs and I
Wonder if we made enough waffles?
Begin Kinect craziness now!
Katie and I dominating the boys
Troy laughing at hoe competitive this game is making me
Our handsome eligible bachelors!
My big brother
The remaining bunch of crazies decided it would be a great idea to enjoy a tiny fire pit outside in 20 degree weather!

Olive is a trooper!

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