Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's been forever...

I am awarding myself the worst blogger award this year! I have just really had so many new things happening in life that I have lost touch with the blogging bit! I still LOVE reading everyone's blogs, however composing my own has been too much for this gal... until now!

I am going to try to catch you up on life! Well as I said a lot has happened... you know, becoming a wife, going on honeymoons and getting a new job! Can you all forgive me now? I've decided to start with the wife thing, since that is the most fun AND I have a lot of fabulous pictures to go with it

Let's talk Bridal Shower...

It was a suprise! My mom and aunt worked very hard with the help of my bridesmaids to make it a fabulous event!
Here are some pictures...

My lovely bridesmaids!
Sarah- my friend who just so happens to be my sister in law
Jess- my newest friend
Krissy- my lovely grade school... never have to explain anything- she just gets it!
Shelley- my friend since college... we have so many life experiences together!
Katy- my lovely cousin

The lovely ladies and I!
My aunt had been collecting everything bridal ever since Troy and I became engaged... at this time I was only wearing half of it. Let's just say she was super excited and spent a lot of time in the bridal aisles!!!

My auntie, my mom and my grandma! The sneaky ladies behind the whole thing!

There were games and LOTS of fun! This was my favorite! My friend Tina had to win with her Vegas Bride look! Total side note... her and her husband found out they were pregnant the day of the shower! They are due in September and I can't wait to meet their little bambino!!!

There were also LOTS of presents, which apparently I suck at opening! It took me forever to get through them all! Shelley and Krissy actually started preopening them for me. They would take the card off and tell me who it was from. Apparently you arent supposed to read the card before you open the present at these events because it takes too long! Who knew?

My aunt even got Troy a little something, something the next day at family dinner! Yep that is a pig thing that really oinks! This next picture is my favorite because it is my older brother Jon taking a drink and he looks a bit disgusted by the whole thing!

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