Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Meal Plan #7 & Weekend Wrap Up!

People, I am so ill prepared for this week.

Troy and I had such a productive weekend... my most favorite kind of weekend! Uncle Wawa and Aunt Mimi took Emma on a zoo adventure Saturday and Troy and I started on operation 'make room for baby Bogle'. We had high hopes for what we could accomplish and we accomplished everything we wanted and more! We definitely wouldn't have made so much progress with out Josh and Amy. Emma had a blast giving them a slice of the parenting life and I think they actually enjoyed it. I can hear the wedding bells ringing now!!
Emma loves new bedding almost as much as her mama does!

On Sunday we took a spontaneous trip up to Mount Lemmon with our nature girl. It had rained the night before so the mountain was cool and damp from the rain. It was gorgeous weather for exploring and Emma loved every bit of it! We did, too.
After coming back to the heat, napping, grocery shopping and organizing some more (I am totally nesting), we went to have family dinner with my family and wrapped up the evening with a play date with Miss Addison!

We had a really fun and productive weekend. I did not once think about my weekly menu... boo.

I am warning you, it is pretty repetitive and lacking new recipes. I feel totally unexcited to share it with you BUT I often fall back on familiar favorites when pressed for time. I can't be the only one who does this, right? I am hoping that all the cute baby pictures will make up for this boring meal plan!!

Here is what we are eating this week...

Monday- quiche

Tuesday- chicken apple skillet, fried egg noodles

Wednesday- (crock pot) beer chicken burrito bowls

Thursday- chicken salads (made with leftover beer chicken)

Friday- Troy

Saturday- out to eat

Sunday- family dinner

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