Friday, September 17, 2010

weekend plans

Sooo I am super excited for my weekend plans!

After a week like this one (parent teacher conferences), I really need some fun!
Since I was at school for almost 12 hours yesterday, I get to leave by noon today! Each morning when I was waking up at the crack of dawn, I was chanting to myself, 'half day Friday, half day Friday'.
Anywho, as soon as I say adios to this place, I am off to La Encantada shopping complex to get some face wash! Not a big whoop de doo, but I have been needing it ALL week and haven't had ANY time to get some! So I am excited to finally get a brand new crisp bottle of my Bliss Face Wash. Easily excitable here! I am also going to walk through Crate and Barrel and mind register for our wedding. No real registry yet, but I can pretend! Then I am going to meet my friend Kristen for some birthday drinks and appetizers! I am happy to see her. We are both so busy that we only get to see each other about once a month, and I look forward to our friend time so much! Love you Kristen! After that I am heading over to my cousins house to assemble her wedding invites! Some bonding time and giggles are ahead!

Saturday, Troygle and I are going on a bike ride! Maybe not the most thrilling of things, but I enjoy spending time with him in whatever capacity I can! Then we will chillax (and I hope to take a nap!) Later in the day its tailgate city time! UofA vs Iowa, baby! Its gonna be a good one and we must start it off right with an awesome tailgate!

Sunday is our baby cousin's Christening (we are almost married so I think I can start saying 'our' and 'we' when referring to the fam's). I hope to get a ride in before that too! This week has been so jam-packed I have felt like major loser on the exercise front. Plus I had chicken fingers Wednesday night and I might have succumbed to my obsession with Whoppers last night (whoops)!

I also am making a promise to be better about posting (and taking) pictures! So my next post will have some awesome shots... hopefully!

Happy Weekend friends!

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