Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I stole this idea from a blog that I absolutely enjoy reading!
I think its a fantastic idea to remember the little things that we are blessed to have!
So here is my list for today!

*I am thankful to have Troy. He really does try each day to make my life easier! He also is very patient with me when I get worked up or stressed out. He just gets me and that is so nice!

*I am thankful for every single person who is involved in trying to make our wedding a dream come true. My parents, Troys parents, Jessica, Troy and all of my friends who ask me how planning is going, offer advice or ideas, bring me things that they think I might like or be interested in! I am so excited to be getting married to Troy and I am excited to see all these plans coming together, too. It is nice to have so many people who are excited for us!

*I am thankful to be a new part of Troy's family. Cindy and Warner are beyond supportive and loving! I am also happy to finally have a sister to call my own... and one that I enjoy at that! Troy's family is so similar to my own, it just feels right to be apart of them!

*I am thankful to have fabulous lady friends that I work with.

*I am thankful to have found pilates and bicycling... 2 activities that I enjoy doing. They make me strong and I never feel bored with doing them!

*I am thankful to have coffee, sugar free vanilla soy lattes and coke zero... I love caffeine!!!

*I am thankful for date nights. I think a lot of people assume that because Troy and I live together and because we are always with each other, that we get a lot of alone time together. But we actually don't! By time we get done with work and working out, we have a few hours to eat and watch tv, check email etc. Its hard to spend quality time with someone when you are exhausted from the day! This is why date nights are my fave! I think we are doing Mt Lemmon picnic night tomorrow!!! woo hoo!

*I am thankful for cute outfits and accessories... just love them!

*I am thankful for having lost almost 25 pounds since summer 2009. I am thankful that I did it through good ole fashioned exercise and diet and I am thankful that I did it just to be healthier and without any ulterior motive (like wedding dress etc.) I hope to continue to lose about 5 to 10 pounds more, but I am really feeling pretty good right now!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Friday is almost here!!


  1. love this! I especially love that your thankful for cute outfits and accessories :) Hope youve had a great weekend! xoxo

  2. Okay, so I wrote a really long comment and now it's not here!! What the french toast?? :( Love you!

  3. Nice reminder to all of us to be thankful. Congrats on your healthy lifestyle! You always look and act beautiful. Thanks for the shout out. Fun times to come. XoxoX



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