Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Two Tuesdays are sooo much fun... I can't wait until Tuesday!

Top 2 Favorite Colognes and Perfumes
I am such a creature of habit! I always try out new perfumes and could spend hours at Sephora, but no matter what... these are my ALL time faves!

Burberry Brit
I have been wearing this for the last 6 years! Wow... that makes me sound boring! I just looooove the yummy smell of this perfume... I think it makes me smell like a special cookie :)

Viva la Juicy
Troy bought this for me as a Christmas gift and I have already used all of it up!!! I am obsessed with spraying it on me. I do not care if people think of me as the girl who wears way too much perfume... I am fine with that as long as it is Viva la Juicy!

AND for the guys... I love love love

Aqua Di Gio
Yum, yum, yum... that's all I've got to say! And yes... my Troy Boy wears this for me all the time!!!

Happy Week Friends!


  1. I aboslutely love Acqua Di Gio. I made my husband where it on our wedding day. :)

  2. I've never smelled Burberry Brit, but I would be tempted to buy it just because I love the name! :D

    Happy Tuesday! (Well, almost!)

  3. One of my best friends wears Brit... it smells really good!

  4. I love Juicy & Aqua Di Gio I will have to try the Burberry :-)

  5. I'm stopping by from top 2 tuesday. I love love love burbery brit, and Aqua Di Gio is my ultimate favorite men's cologne. Great taste. :)



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