Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lemme 'splain something

I am a teacher because I love being a teacher. I truly, truly, truly cannot imagine doing anything else with my professional life. Will I always feel this way, I am not 100% sure, but right now this is exactly where I want to be in life.

So why, United States of America, do you continue to attempt to strip away my intrinsic motivation?

Every year, multiple times a year we are given new demands and expectations often disguised as 'goals'. I sit through every meeting, every committee and I listen and I pump myself up to accomplish said goal. I mean at the heart of it all we are ALL working towards bettering our students education and lives. And I do believe in that, wholeheartedly. (period)

Sometimes however something so completely bananas gets thrown our way that is completely hard to swallow. Like expecting ALL special education students to meet or exceed the standards! *This may or may not be something that is a big deal to anyone else, or maybe you do have strong opinions about what should or should not be done. I don't care if anyone disagrees with me or agrees with me. I am just griping AND considering that this is my blog and you are reading of your own free will, I guess I can do that.*

I believe that all students are learners, whether they come to me in pieces or perfectly put together in a nice neat little package. Sure the perfect package scenario is simple, maybe even ideal, but the reality is that most kids are not coming into the classroom this way. Do I care... hell no! I believe in all children and their UNIQUE ability to learn. Realisticaly speaking a child who suffers with a learning disability might not ever be able to do the same things to the same degree as a child without. Do I no longer believe in them? Absolutely not! Should their success be measured against a student who does not suffer from the learning disability? No, I do not believe so. People can be successful in so many ways and should be celebrated and encouraged for their successes. Growth is success. Happiness is success. Maintaining the desire to learn, regardless of the fact that learning new things may perpetually be difficult, is tremendous growth and strength.

Why is this not measured? Why is this not a part of accountability?

I am frustrated. I am frustrated because I care about children. I care about ALL children.

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